South Korea - The Country of the Future
by Jefferson Gorman
Seoul at Night
It is located on the Korean peninsula in the Eastern Asia. It is the size of a smaller European country. The only country it neighbors with is North Korea. It is bordered from it by a demilitarized zone (DMZ) that is 4 km wide and 240 long. It is surrounded by the Yellow Sea, East China Sea and the Sea of Japan. The majority of its population of 51 million live in the capital situated by the Han River – Seoul and the provinces surrounding it. It is not a surprise since the people tends to live here in urban areas. That makes Seoul the second biggest metropolis alter Tokyo. The education here is on a very high level with around 95% people that can read and write (some data indicate that it can be even as high as 98%).
Traditional South Korea
South Korea is a republic with a president, constitutional government and a prime minister.
It is believed that the Korean ancestors came from Mongolia and Siberia around 10000 years ago. For the most time South Korea was an independent country with their own government but in 1905 the Japanese took over. It was not until 1945 when after the Second World War they regained independence. Almost immediately after the country split between South Korean and North Korea. The discussion of the unification is still very important in 2018.
South Korean Technology
South Korea is one of the most advanced country when it comes to technology. Based on the research it has the fastest Internet connection in the world for the 3rd consecutive year with more than 26 Mb per second average rate. And of course the 4G network is the most developed here (more than 95% availability). About 92% of Koreans are an active Internet users and 90% of them own a smartphone that they use not to make calls but primarily to watch digital television called DMB (Digital Multimedia Broadcasting).
South Korean People
South Korea has one of the most developed economy in the world with Gross Domestic Product of almost $1.5 trillion. That puts them on the 11th position of all countries. It is a developed country that’s a part of G-20 and OECD. It is the third biggest exporter in Asia after only China and the country of the rising sun – Japan and the fifth in the world. One of their greatest products they export are computers and smartphones from the big conglomerates like LG and Samsung.
It has the best when it comes to quality airport in the world according to Airport Service Quality Awards that named Incheon International Airport the most renowned for the 12th consecutive year.
Seoroksan National Park
64% of the whole country is covered in forest. It shows even in the capital that has eight mountains surrounding it.
The most interesting travel destinations are Jeju island located to the south of the peninsula – with its own unique climat it offers attractions like the highest peak in South Korea – Halla Mountain (1,950 m), caves and beautiful landscapes. Busan is the second biggest city in country. It is a port city that offers the most beautiful beaches and other places worth visiting like Jirisan National Park.
Busan City
It has one of the biggest entertainment industry in the world. The most famous internationally is probably K-pop – a genre of music known as Korean Pop. It came to attention after Psy’s “Gangnam Style” became a global hit in 2012. Almost immediately groups like BTS, SNSD and EXO gained recognition in the in the countries beside South Korea. Many people around the world enjoy Korean television shows known as KDramas. The most popular ones are Winter Sonata, Secret Garden and Descendants of the Sun.
South Korean Cuisine
South Korea’s best dishes are Kimchi, Bibimbap and Jajangmyeong. The citizens typically eat their food with chopsticks and spoons. The Koreans are one of the most alcohol consumers. The most popular beverages are Soju (made from rice with more than 16% of alcohol) and Makgeolli (made from rice and nuruk with 6-9% of alcohol).